WYDII was established by the foundation with the thought that the empowerment of women and development of youth must be a primary part of a vibrant democracy. Women and youth are the two key components of development in our society, but their rights to grow in non-bias environment often deprived and restricted because of male-dominated society. WYDII’s mission is to create a condition where women and youth can developed in much less bias social-political or religious norms, will provide greater chances for women to be able to participate fully in the public life and greater chance to develop more competent youth to face challenging future.

WYDII’s goal is to improve standards of women in politics, health, and economy, and to develop the potential and opportunity of women to engage more actively in the democratic process. WYDII focuses on developing the capabilities and potential of women and youth. WYDII also forms a forum for interaction, consolidation, and development potential and the discussion of gender issues that always appear, regardless of the role and any profession that is played by women and youth when they involve actively in the community. In particular, WYDII gives ample opportunity to the women, activist women’s NGOs, women MPs, as well as women from various backgrounds who have the ambition to become actively involved in public life