Indonesia is undergoing a new "emerging economy", while the country is also imbedded with debilitating law enforcement and rampant corruption--mainly because of the autonomy policy given to sub-national government in 2000--allows sub-national government to initiate business "partnership" with foreign countries---attracting new investors mainly from neighboring countries like China, Singapore, Malaysia, and South Korean--are recently the largest investor in the country. There are numbers of new massive transnational 'development' scheme that is clearly posing immanent treat to environmental justice and its sustainability. The environmental impact has affected directly the livelihood of the people, especially those who live near the “developed” areas.


Since, August 2011, WYDII has developed the Women’s Environmental Sustainability Network (WESNet), a national network for women who work on the issue of environmental justice and sustainability. The objective of this network are; (1) to develop and maintain a forum for information sharing and collaboration among women; (2) to develop an effective and feasible gender-based approach advocacy on environmental justice and sustainability; (3) to strengthen the ability of women activists on the area of key facets of environmental impact, advocacy skills as well as familiarize them with the relevant tools to advocacy; (4) to push for greater present of women activists in the area of environmental justice and sustainability campaign.

Currently, the network comprised of 27 women who come from different provinces and have been working fiercely on the issues of environmental justice and sustainability. The works of these women especially in their province or in their district have been well recognized, especially in promoting a greater hope for a better understanding and standard of practice and care to the environment. We are hopeful that this network will cast the courage and inspire others, especially the youth as well as the men to ensure and to prolong the sustainability of our environment.

Members of the WESNet:

Baiq Mulianah--Mataram

Baiq Elly Mahmudah--Mataram

Erma Susanti--Surabaya

Jull Takaliuang--Manado

Mahanik Sriharyani--Lumajang

Maria Mumpuni--Malang

Nusra Aziz--Makassar

Ruth Ruth Murtiasih Subodro--Salatiga




Sri Sulistiyani--Jember

Siti Nurjanah--Surabaya

Solihati Nofitasari--Jember