Several women’s rights activists, artists, and scholars started the Women and Youth Development Institute of Indonesia (WYDII) in August 2009. Based in Surabaya, Indonesia, WYDII was founded to empower women and youth, to value their individuality, and to facilitate their active membership in society. Since 2009, WYDII has given training – in civic education, environmental awareness, participatory leadership, media engagement, and election campaigning – to more than 800 women and young people.


Women and youth hold Indonesian society together, but the significance of their activities is undervalued in formal institutions. Indonesia has a high level of gender equity and respect for its youth. But in official settings, women and youth are underrepresented. This gives rise to the mistaken notion that women and youth are not leaders in social change. Women and youth in Indonesia feel a need to build networks to support each other. WYDII helps women and youth to make the transition from informal to formal participation in society. WYDII facilitates those women and youth who want to promote greater equality by building and enhancing their basics of capacity.


VISION: WYDII’s goal is to empower women and youth for active participation in the decision-making processes to create humanistic and democratic government.



  • To develop a gender sensitive in formal communications among women and youth;
  • To expand the participatory leadership among youth and women;
  • To develop gender sensitive civics, environmental awareness, and leadership to enable them to participate in the democratic processes.